Help For Funeral Planning, Continued

Funeral planning, really? We know... We talk about the most uplifting topics, don’t we? But, as we've written about before, often it is hard to know what to say or do when your friend or family member is going through the difficult process of planning a funeral. What about when you're the one who needs to make all those stressful decisions?

Robyn Lewis summed it up perfectly- “It is often such a short space of time that you have to make many decisions, on everything from caskets and grave stones to hymns and flowers, especially when you don’t feel fully up to that level of responsibility.” She wrote an article for AK Lander to shed light on the stressful event of getting ready for a funeral. She asked for our opinions and added some of our thoughts, too. Reading her advice directed to the funeral plannees (can we coin that term?) may also give friends and family ideas for how they can provide support and help to those going through it. We can't expect them to do it all, even if they try to. 

We hope for comfort to funeral-plannees and super-friend-powers to those that aim to support them. Share how you have helped a friend during this difficult time in the comments section below.