Planning Ahead

Did you see this article in Real Simple? It caught our attention with the tag line: “Most people find death too depressing to talk about. But that denial has a huge price, and it’s loved ones left behind who will pay.” Obviously, we kept reading and wanted to share it with you.

We were somewhat prepared for our sister’s death, but there were still questions that came up, as the article suggested. Like, what should we do with her Facebook account? Are there any bills to pay? What are all the accounts that need to be notified and closed? What are her passwords to myriad things? Fortunately, our sister was incredibly organized and she had taken the time for a great deal of thoughtful planning. Yet somehow there were still questions, things none of us thought of in advance. Some unforeseen issues are inevitable, but knowing what to consider and communicate in advance about your wishes and your affairs can save you and your loved ones from much of the stress. Many people who have experienced the death of loved ones will say, as our guest blogger April Koontz did, that “Being prepared to die is the greatest gift you can ever give” and also that you will also reap benefits from doing so.

The article describes services offered by Good to Go, an advanced planning company that helps people get all of the tough questions out of the way. They have private or corporate consultations, parties, or an online option where you can order a “Departure File.” Are you thinking why didn’t we think of this? We are. We especially love how Amy Pickard, founder of Good to Go, makes the planning seem like such a positive step and even enjoyable.


Even though we seem to like to talk about death and dying often, we still have our own work to do. After reading this article, we are reminded that we want to make it easier for those that we leave behind. We will write more things down, review our advance directives, and continue considering and updating our final wishes. Since we love lists and organization, we should be facing this task with the same motivation and find similar satisfaction with the end result. We hope others can do the same.