Sept. 15, 2016 Caregiving and Grief News Roundup

As you may know by now, we periodically post “News Roundups”, which you can revisit here and here, where we share interesting and relevant caregiving or grief stories that we have come across in the news. Here is our latest installment of stories that are worth a read.

As this article explains, caregiving is often unpaid and, therefore, uncounted by our economic measurement sticks, like GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

We have previously written about workplace issues and obtaining leave from work for caregiving, but we only dared to imagine flexible work schedules and job protection for unpaid leave. The consulting company Deloitte just made waves in the “paid leave arms race” for offering employees 16 weeks of paid leave for caregiving

The New York Times recently covered caregiver burnout

We love this positive story. A Nebraska woman made her health come first by committing to exercise after recovering from 3 family deaths. 

This NPR story shares the life and work of a poet who recently died of cancer at the young age of 25. 

This Wall Street Journal article talks about sibling loss in a moving story of a brother losing his dear sister in the 9/11 attacks. He suppressed his grief for years, but later learns that he wants to know more about that day, how she died, and face his grief. 

Here’s a short but lovely story about a rabbi being with his friend who was dying. The rabbi says, “A soul getting ready to pass is open and vulnerable and dripping with brave wisdom.”