Products May Provide Comfort: Buying Guide for Caregivers and Grievers

In addition to finding items, advice, and resources to help care for our sister, we came across things that merely provided comfort or gave us a good laugh. We wanted to share some of the products and services that we feel will help you, make you smile, or appeal to your taste buds. Many would make a great gift for a friend. We aren’t going to tell you that you need to stay healthy, how to be better, or to do this or that. In fact, many of these items are the opposite of healthy but will likely bring you some happiness. We're sure that there will be plenty of time in the future to “make better choices,” but we think that right now you deserve to treat yourself with an indulgent cheese and expensive bottle of wine.

First up….“Stop Talking” cards from Paper source. Do we even need to coach you on how or when to use these?

Next, this is hands down the greatest cheese that we have ever encountered. And we know cheese. Our Mom is from Green Bay and we are Irish. Go get some now: Cowgirl Creamery “Mt. Tam” triple cream cheese.

Our go to comfort snack: Cheetos. If you run out or they aren't available, Doritos will work too.

A product that we are still searching for: A wine fridge in your bed….this product isn’t actually available but if you find a way to create this, that’d be great. For now, you can hide wine in your bed frame somehow (and don't forget an opener).

Supplies for a home manicure.

Calming oil, lotions, candles, any type of aromatherapy.

Mindless magazines. We're talking about the ones full of celebrity gossip, where you can just flip through the pages and gasp, stare with a confused look at some of the outfits, or legitimately catch up on the latest scandals and love lives of the famous.

Let’s face it - you don’t always have the time or energy to shower, so these things will help: Facial wipes (try Say Yes to Cucumbers or Burt's Bees Pink Grapefruit) and dry shampoo. Or a pretty headband.

A pair of basic black leggings that can take you from bed to running errands, or maybe even to work. These leggings from Hue are great because they have thick material and pockets, so they kinda look like pants.

Are you tired of the boring sympathy and thinking about you cards out there? These are the greatest cards, by Emily McDowell- funny and realistic.

A service that may save you time is the order online, pick up in store option at Target. What we like about this is that you can place an order online when you are awake at odd hours, then swing by the customer service counter to pick it up in the morning without spending daylight hours wandering the store.

Another good idea to save time is the meal and grocery delivery services now available in many places. Not only do many grocery stores now offer the option to buy online and have your groceries dropped off at your door, but even fancier services like Blue Apron will send you ingredients and the recipe to make a great home-cooked meal. Although the meal deliveries can be pricey, it may make a good gift. We also used Door to Door Organics, which made it easy to have fresh produce on hand.

If you have out of town family or friends coming to visit, this is not the time to feel obligated to pick them up. Use Uber or Lyft to retrieve visitors from the airport.

Some of our best friends sent amazing treats and some of our favorites were perfectly simple, such as Zingerman's desserts, other sweets, and snacks that we loved like cheese. These cookies from Cheryl's were adorably decorated and the perfect sugary goodness that was enjoyed by kids and adults.  Perhaps a basket of beer and brownies? This glorious basket arrived one day on our parent's doorstep and we gave it a big thumbs up. Alcohol may seem inappropriate but we thought that it was always a useful gift, often from friends who know our Irish ways. 

We know that products don't actually lead to happiness and can't "fix it," but these things gave us a few moments of sanity, pampering, and pleasure. We hope that they bring the same to you.